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Agenda Cultural El Hierro
A bitter feud developed between Gran Canaria and Tenerife over supremacy of the archipelago within the Canary Islands. The fortunes associated with the two rested largely with their financial fate.
Once the Canaries were declared a province of Spain in 1821, Santa Cruz de Tenerife was made the administrative centre. Bickering between the two main islands stayed heated and Las Palmas usually demanded that the province be split in two. The theory had been briefly but unsuccessfully put into practice into the 1840s.
In 1927 Madrid finally made a decision to split the Canaries into two provinces: Tenerife, La Gomera, Los Angeles Palma and El Hierro into the western; Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote in the eastern.
In the 1930s, once the left while the right in mainland Spain became increasingly militant, worries of a coup expanded. A veteran of Spain’s wars in Morocco and beloved of the tough Spanish Foreign Legion, to the Canary Islands in March 1936 the government decided to ‘transfer’ General Franco.
Suspicions that he had been taking part in a plot to overthrow the government were well-founded; when the pro-coup garrisons of Melilla (Spanish North Africa) rose prematurely on 17 July, Franco ended up being ready. Having seized control of the islands virtually without a fight (the pro-Republican commander of the Las Palmas garrison passed away in mystical circumstances on 14 July), Franco flew to Morocco on 19 July. Even though there was virtually no fighting on the islands, the Nationalists wasted no time in rounding up anyone vaguely suspected of harbouring Republican sympathies.
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The highest in the industrialized world, Spain also ranks as the OECD nation which saw the greatest increases in inequality between 2007 and 2010 with a contracting economy and an active population jobless rate above 27 percent. These record numbers have long been surpassed in some of its regions as the country continues to sink into economic depression and social impoverishment.
Such is the way it is associated with the Canary Islands, the European Union’s outermost territory, where in fact the present socioeconomic indicators tell a story of imminent chaos: a 38 percent poverty degree, the highest in the country, plus an unbridled 34 % jobless. Certainly, while final May’s more harmless poll that is official registered unemployment showed a sixteen-year national drop, the Canary Islands emerged as the only Spanish region where in actuality the number of individuals registering for jobless advantages continued to rise.
As an calculated 26,000 Canary Islands families have actually no income whatsoever and 24 per cent regarding the local population (2.1 million) has gotten some form of the help of the government’s social services programmes into the past 12 months, the most pressing dilemmas associated using the region’s economic downfall is the escalation in child poverty. In accordance with UNICEF’s 2013 report regarding the Canaries, child poverty has now reached 29 %. The report not only underlines the hike that is worrying the amount of poor kiddies (as many as 112,000 had been recorded straight back this season), but also that they are becoming poorer. These figures are most readily useful illustrated in the islands’ public school dinners, where some 12,000 children were taken out of this solution in the last 12 months as their moms and dads had been no longer in a position to pay for it.
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