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Periodico Digital El El Hierro
As I mentioned above, the Islands that is canary are in beginning. While there are not any volcanoes currently erupting on the island, there was a great deal of activity regarding the area of Lanzarote between 1730 and 1736 whenever over 100 volcanoes appeared regarding the landscape. The eruption that is last in 1824, but there is however still an important quantity of heat just below the outer lining. You can visit El Diablo Restaurante where they have several demonstrations which show the heat just below the surface if you enter Timanfaya National Park. In one demonstration they toss straw in to a opening which bursts into flame due to the temperature. In another, they pour water down an entire which instantly becomes a tower of vapor. During the restaurant, there exists a 9m hole was that was dug to get into the warmth, the top which is utilized being a grill. The temperature of this grill reaches 400C and makes use of no energy.
5) The islands were colonized simultaneously with all the Americas.
Although the Canary Islands had been understood to your ancient Romans and Greeks, they never really grabbed the attention of Europeans until they started to sail throughout the Atlantic to your Americas. Columbus used the area of La Gomera as being a staging point for his first visit to the Americas. A lot of the older buildings there is in the islands, particularly into the populous town of Los Angeles Laguna are extremely colonial in style. Unlike the Americas, nonetheless, the Canary Islands were not a colony but an part that is actual of that they remain even today.
6) the populous town of San Antonio, Texas had been started by individuals from the Canary Islands
In the event that you remember the Alamo, then chances are you must also have a 2nd to keep in mind the Canary Islands. The city ended up being initially founded by settlers through the Canaries and their descendants died fighting alongside Jim Bowie and Davy Crocket. The creator of the populous city of São Paulo, Brazil can also be through the island of Tenerife.
7) It his house to a whistling language
Regarding the island of La Gomera there`s a language utilized to communicate throughout the big distances across valleys called \"Silbo Gomero\". As technology changed the ease by which individuals could communicate, the language was at threat of dying down in the 20th Century. The us government took measures to teach the language to children in school. The whistling is merely a as a type of Spanish. The language is more used for announcements and news, not for individual conversation. It was detailed as being a \"Masterpiece regarding the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity\" by UNESCO last year.
8) World worst flight disaster
The world’s aviation accident that is worst occurred on the island of Tenerife on March 27, 1977, when two Boeing 747’s collided on a foggy airport runway. 583 everyone was killed when KLM Flight 4805 hit Pan Am Flight 1736 during simply take down. Neither airplane ended up being allowed to be on Tenerife as they were redirected from Gran Canarias each time a bomb had been detonated regarding the runway. The airport had a lot more aircraft than it could n’t handle and could fit all the planes at the gates. An investigation after the event by Spanish, Dutch and American teams concluded that there have been a bunch of problems which induce the tragedy including language, not knowing where the planes were, casual terminology and pilot error. The accident result in a host of changes in just how plane teams and journey control towers speak to one another in order to avoid misunderstanding.
To be aware of cultura canaria and noticias en canarias, go to all of our internet site politica el hierro (Read This method).
6-year-old María is certainly one of those a large number of kiddies into the Canaries who are not any longer able to buy meal at her general public school. She and her parents are experiencing an unimaginable path to poverty that is now alarmingly typical to the Canaries’ perishing middle income: the islands’ alleged ‘new poor’.
María’s mom, Carolina (39), did as an assistant that is administrative the island of Gran Canaria for the past thirteen years. Like the other 10,000 businesses into the islands which have shut down throughout the crisis, her employer’s business is now in the process of shutting shop. It’s been months since Carolina final received her 790 euro salary that is monthly complete. Her paycheck that is last came April, only times before her business filed for voluntary bankruptcy, and all sorts of she received ended up being half of her income. In order to make matters worse, her spouse, Francisco (41), an sales that are unemployed, has just exhausted his jobless benefits. Presently, their only way to pay bills are Carolina´s mother and siblings.
\"My mother life for a pension that is small and my brothers have actually dilemmas of the very own, but without their help we would not really manage to eat,\" Carolina explains. \"It is all very hard now. Our situation appears to worsen by the and it is extremely irritating to pay money on transport to head to work without knowing when I’ll receive money. time\" Carolina, like the other 200 employees at her workplace, hopes that her company´s legal ordeal will pass quickly and they can get severance and jobless benefits without too much wait. \"That means at least I´ll have the ability to spend time trying to find a job that is new\" she explains.
For their component, Francisco continues their now two-year job search that is long. He says he has sent hundreds of cv’s and that getting a working task and looking after their child in the home was his only occupation.
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